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Rehome Update: Liberty with Dream Boy

Rehome Update: Liberty with Dream Boy

18.16 | Wed 25 Oct 23 | Rehoming

When it comes to finding a loving home out of racing and an adoring owner the story of Sneak The Peek is right up there at the top of the tree!

Sneak The Peek ran four times on the flat as a three year old, finishing third at Leicester on his second outing.

However, we decided that he didn't quite have the speed to win on the flat and was retired in September 2020 and it was time to find him a new career out of racing.

Sneaky has now gained the name 'Dream Boy'.

"He's my dream come true and everything I ever wished for in a horse," says Dawn.

Dawn has kept in touch and regularly updates us on Dream Boy's progress. He is currently enjoying his 'Liberty Training'.

Dream Boy is loving life off the track.

For those who don't know the term, 'Liberty' is the state of being free from restriction, being able to do as you wish and go where you want. When this is applied to training horses, liberty training relates to any work done with horses while they're loose, without a rope or reins, so they have the freedom to move around at will. Working at liberty helps horses learn to relax in the presence of humans. Restraint can tension because horses feel trapped. Horses are claustrophobic by nature and a lot of anxiety can be generated when you take away their option for flight.

Dream Boy is being trained by Dawn's grand-daughter Erin and he follows her around the ring under his own free will and is able to move without restraint.

"He loves the ground work as well as the riding," said Dawn. "We are always getting lovely comments and are often asked where he comes from."

Dream Boy is one of dozens of horses rehomed through our retraining scheme.

You can start your own dream by visiting our rehoming page.

Sneak The Peek on our gallops back in 2019.


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