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Rehome update: On Sabbatical on his fourth birthday

Rehome update: On Sabbatical on his fourth birthday

03.08 | Sun 31 Mar 24 | Rehoming

We were delighted to hear from Lucy today, with an update on our old friend On Sabbatical (Sebastian) on his fourth birthday.

On Sabbatical raced four times but he didn't have the speed to win and we made him available through our rehoming programme when he retired in August 2023. He was always a very popular horse at the yard because of his fabulous temperament and kind heart.

"It has been six months since Seb joined the family and I am very proud to call him mine", says Lucy. "He has the most amazing character. He's kind, loving and a little bit cheeky! He is progressing well and we are looking forward to trying our hand at showing and dressage this year. He's certainly got the legs and moves for it."

"We have introduced poles and he's jumped a little cross pole but focussing on the flat work this year. I'm hoping he will be an eventing superstar but want to take the time and build him up slowly."

We wish Lucy and Seb many happy years together and look forward to hearing about Seb's progress!

On Sabbatical on the gallops with Joanna Mason in July 2023.

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