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Dolly at her forever home

Dolly settling in after rehoming

Dolly settling in after rehoming

13.32 | Fri 29 Sep 23 | Rehoming

It's been a wonderful weekend on the rehoming front with two of our ex-racehorses finding new homes.

We knew that five-year-old mare Neverwrongforlong (Dolly) wouldn't take long to find a home as she ticked all of the boxes for anyone wanting a smaller ex-racehorse.

Dolly ran under rules, both flat and jumps, and she's fully ROR qualified so there's the option to do all classes.

Dolly was rehomed with Nat and now lives near Boroughbridge.

"She's perfect for me," said Nat. "She will have a good forever home here and be very pampered."

"She's so much more settled today. We are bonding so fast, she knows I'm her person already. Her playful side is out now, we're just having fun so much cuddles, I hate coming away from her on a night, my husband said he keeps expecting a call that I'm staying the night in the stable".

Dolly's new owners collected her on Monday


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